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Employability Skills

Learning experiences for students that make connections between what is learnt at school and the world outside,  preparing them for the transition to work and adult life through the development of enterprise and employability skills. A wide range of opportunities exsist that engage learners with employers to enhance qualification outcomes, improve skills development and support careers, information advice and guidance.


Customised Programmes & Activities


The need for literacy and numeracy in the workplace is greater than ever. Poor numeracy and literacy affects an individuals' ability to succeed in life let alone the workplace, and acts as a brake on the country's economic growth.
Improving the national skills quota (from basic skills, including numeracy and literacy, to higher skills, such as engineering) is fundamental to increasing productivity and therefore economic growth.

Education Business Partnership offers a variety of bespoke and tailored programmes aimed at increasing an individuals self-esteem and maturity, helping raise aspirations via a more positive attitude towards the working world.


All our activities can be delivered either off site at a supporting businesses premises or in school using your own facilities. The activities below are just some examples of the more popular programmes developed and delivered by the Education Business Partnership.



  • Money Sense / Personal Finance - a focus on Mathematics in the workplace;

    • Supported by local banking groups, students learn about banks, what they do and why we need them as well as personal budgeting.

  • Journalism / Media Day - a focus on English language in the workplace;

    • Supported by local businesses, students become journalists/  reporters for the day and are tasked with creating a story / blog / newsletter or webstory for the day.

Curriculum Enhancement Activities


Working closely with local employers, the Education Business Partnership arrange for businesses to help schools enhance specific curriculum  areas, by helping students relate the learning in a school environment to the real world of employment ;


Company Visits small groups of students visit local companies as part of an agreed support framework for a partuicular curriculum topic. Suitable for any age or year group, visits are tailor-made following a meeting with the relevant lead in school and a nominated  business contact.

The Education Business Partnership service includes identifying and briefing the company, arranging all visit logistics and completing all Health and Safety checks (but does not include transportation).


In-School Support A range of local employers are available to visit schools and provide talks and insights about business-related activities that support various learning needs.

Education Business Partnership liaise with employers on behalf of schools to ensure that defined curriculum needs are met and to brief a company on arrangements and expectations for their visit to the school.