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Employer Support

In our current time of austerity, now more than ever if you’re recruiting, it is essential to make sure you secure the right individuals. The discussion around workforce retention and development is constant, as many businesses today are still finding it difficult to attract and secure the right entry level workforce. But what are they doing about it?


We constantly hear through forums and groups that it’s up to the education sector to provide the next generation of work-ready labour force, not the business sector, after all isn’t that what schools are for? Well in reality if your supply chain can’t provide you with the product you need, you switch suppliers….dont you? Not so easy when you want to recruit from a local labour force!


Its not our place to tell you how tough schools have got it at the moment with changes in government, politics and governing criteria. Just like in the commercial world, schools are now having to wake up and answer to rapid changes in circumstances. The safety net of local government direction and control is now vastly diminished by virtue of the fact that almost all the Walsall secondary schools now hold ‘Academy’ status. This means that in many cases schools are constantly reacting, rather than being proactive small businesses themselves.

So it’s no great surprise that if you want more than a five A-C* grade student with very little aspiration of getting work, let alone the desire for a career, then school is not going to be the place you’ll recruit from. However, now more than ever companies should be looking to support the next generation of eligible labour force through schools, ensuring they are getting involved, shaping and developing the kind of individuals needed to fulfil the demands of the future. Can you really afford to ignore your ageing skills gap?


This is where Education Business Partnership can help. We bring together schools, colleges and business, working within the borough and regionally within West Midlands. We pride ourselves on tailoring programmes that match employers' aims and interests to projects in the education sector, with real outcomes and benefits for both the young people and businesses involved. Education Business Partnership broker and support quality links between education and employers, achieving outcomes that are highly valued by learners, schools and employers.


  • Delivering learning experiences that support the acquisition of key skills in learners, and contextualise and enrich the curriculum.  

  • Helping education providers and employers to give young people real experiences in the workplace - providing co-ordination, practical guidance, placement finding and checking for all formats of work experience.

  • Facilitating and supporting productive partnerships and relationships within communities between a wide range of partners - from the education, voluntary, private and community sectors.

  • Providing young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will require to reach their full potential, both in the participation of continued education or within the workplace.  

  • We look to nurture and enhance the career aspirations of students, promote the personal development of individuals and contribute to improving levels of motivation and achievement.  

  • Matching a comprehensive range of employment related workforce development for education staff including business placements, networking, formal training and learning visits.


Education Business Partnership are constantly looking to develop new relationships with local businesses looking to foster strong links with schools, either through an employers corporate social responsibilities or their desire to give back to their local community. By engaging with schools, you as employers are helping to form and shape the education received by the workforce of tomorrow.


The advantages to business working with schools include:


  • Opportunities for staff to develop presentation and interviewing skills

  • Opportunity to provide personal development for staff

  • The ability to contribute and be involved within the local community and fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility and brand marketing

  • Identifying training needs within your organisation

  • Attracting good recruits through improved company reputation

  • Varied Networking opportunities.