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EBP Aims and Objectives
  • Education Business Partnership broker and support quality links between educators and employers, achieving outcomes which are highly valued by learners, schools and employers.

  • Providing learning experiences that support the acquisition of key skills, contextualise and enriching the curriculum.

  • Helping educators and employers give young people real life experiences in the workplace - providing co-ordination, practical guidance, placement finding and checking for all forms of work experience and work related learning.

  • Brokering and support of productive partnerships and relationships across a wide range of partners - from the education, voluntary, private and community sectors.

  • Providing young people with the knowledge, skills to develop the attitudes they will require to reach their potential, both in continued education and training or employment.

  • Enhancing career and personal development aspirations through the curriculum and improving levels of motivation and personal achievement.

  • Providing a comprehensive range of employment related workforce development programmes for education staff including business placements, networking, formal training and learning visits.

  • Providing tailored programmes that match employers' aims and interests to projects in the education sector, which produce real outcomes and benefits for all the young people in our borough.



EBP Governance


The work of Education Business Partnership is overseen by a well-established support group that benefits from the representation of a wide range of local individuals and partners:


Employers - Representatives from local businesses – one of whom is elected Chair

Schools - Head teachers from Primary, Secondary and Special Schools as well as key stage 4/5 practitioners and teachers

University of Wolverhampton - Senior Manager

Walsall College- Senior Manager

Walsall EBP - Service Manager

Walsall Council - Elected councillor members and the Director of Childrens Services

Youth Support Services (YSS) - Walsall Operations Manager