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Work Experience

Placement finding service


As an extension to the Education Business Partnerships work experience programme and through its strong links with a range of businesses and training providers regionally, we can often find work placements for students unable to source or secure their own placements.



  • Longer term placements can generate Units towards an NVQ or other qualifications.

  • One or Two weeks block placements / 

  • Tailored to suit

  • One or Two days per week placement (Business Insight)

Work Experience


A powerful personal development activity for a young person that is often a critical part of their preparation for employment.
Work Experience is a key element, resulting in increased self-confidence, increased maturity, a positive attitude to the world of work and a better understanding of future career opportunities & employer's expectations.

Education Business Partnership provide a range of services that help young people gain valuable work experience;


  • Pre & Post placement engagement sessions

  • Employer visits and health & safety checks

  • Monitoring visits

  • Placement finding service

  • Work based learning support

After an initial interview with the young person, to assess suitability the Education Business Partnership then identify and arrange a placement as well as carrying out a full Health & Safety inspection and risk assesment check by a NEBOSH qualified Health & Safety Officer.

Work based learning


To support young people with the opportunity to learn skills and knowledge through the work place, the Education Business Partnership provides a range of activities through employers for schools to support learners undertaking quality work based learning. Unlike work experience, this programme has been developed as an extended placement (one or more days per week across a term or more) and is usually linked to a vocational study programme. We strive to improve and bring greater added value to the engagement and impact of these valuable learning opportunities by working with the school and employer. Ensuring a robust framework for the engagement of the placement creates a broad and developed insight into a sector or discipline of employment, as well as ensuring the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of the young people involved.

Pre and Post Work Experience Activities


To ensure your students get the most out of their placements, preparation.and de-briefing are important elements of pre-placement support. Education Business Partnership has developed a short engagement programme to support schools and students with this task, each of the sessions can be delivered to up to 120 students and can be managed around the school timetable to minimise impact. Sessions will require a minimum of twenty minutes to a maximum of ninety minuets for delivery (dependant on your requirements)

Briefing session elements - 


  • Accident Video

  • Accident Statistics

  • Most Common Injuries

  • Health and Safety Signs quiz

  • How can you make it a successful placement?

  • What skills do employers want?

  • Placement Questions

  • Placement Skills (What skills might you use?)

  • Measures of Success

  • Success Map

De-Briefing session elements -


  • Health and Safety Issues from placement

  • Review Placement Questions from Briefing (good and bad)

  • Placement Report (How did you do?)

  • Placement Feedback

  • Placement Skills (What skills did you use?)

  • Measures of Success

  • Success Map